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Available Programs


Motocross Training

We want to help make you a faster, smoother, smarter rider that can attack every inch of the track. We take any students from ages 5 to 85. This school has everything you need to take you to the next level.

Practice Days

Practices are open to all riders. We have two tracks operating smaller track for newer riders and bigger track for more skilled riders. Both tracks are fun and easy to work on your technique. Practice Days will cost $20

Mini Thunder

Mini thunder is 110% for fun!! These are practices although we do have great drops, keep score, have all the flags and a banquet at the end of the season. I assure it’s a PRACTICE. Please remember that. Keep fun and safety in mind and enjoy Tuesday/Wednesday afternoons at the track.


About Us

We are here for all different ventures of your motocross riding career. Whatever your looking for we can help from casual riding to wanting to go Pro we can help. If  your not into the training that's fine practice days are open to all. And if your looking for couple gate drops during the week well get yourself signed up for Mini Thunder.

Whatever you want to do enjoy the ride and be safe.

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